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The Empire Maker’s Circle 

World-Class Monthly Online Coaching + A Seat To The Titan Summit™ 2018 

The Empire Maker’s Circle 

Monthly Online Coaching + 
A Seat To
The Titan Summit™


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Here’s a summary of what you get when you order:

Exclusive webinar with Robin every single month

Exclusive Access to Content from Robin's Best Online Courses

A Seat to Personal Mastery Academy™ 2018

A Seat to The Titan Summit™ 2018

Value $977

Value $3,445

Value $5,000

Value $40,000


The Empire-Maker’s Circle is the most exclusive membership level in Robin Sharma Nation – designed specifically for world-builders who are ready to raise their game and own their field. 

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[Value $40,000] 

A Seat to The Titan Summit 2018

A Seat to
The Titan Summit


The Titan Summit is a legendary 4-day live event with Robin Sharma and his world-class Faculty of thought leaders on epic performance, health and longevity, business mastery and global contribution.


During these intense 4 days you will discover Robin’s most advanced strategies on performing at truly world-class levels, multiplying real productivity, building great wealth, getting super fit, growing an amazing company, rewiring your mindset for deep motivation, and systems to get some serious balance back into your life (your family life alone will never be the same after the Summit).

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Titan Summit has been created with so much care, attention and love.

*The Empire-Maker’s Circle membership level are committing to a full year of high-level coaching + a seat to both of Robin’s world-class live events that sell out every year: Personal Mastery Academy  and his premiere flagship event, The Titan Summit.

[Value $5,000] 

A Seat to Personal Mastery Academy (PMA)™ 2018

A Seat to
Personal Mastery Academy

Robin is absolutely excited/galvanized/delighted to share with you that over the past months he’s been quietly creating an all-new live weekend event based on ideas, mental models, protocols and tools that have created fortunes of success for his top-tier clients that have included billionaires, NBA stars, members of royal families and famed CEOs.

Insights, frameworks and daily tactics to unleash peak productivity, unlock true bravery and get giant things done.

Remarkable tools that will cause you to create a beautiful lifestyle for you and your loved ones, enjoy far more prosperity and freedom and have more fun.

Best techniques on building an interior life that automatically uplifts/encourages and inspires other people so you make the impact on our world that you have the potential to make.


*The Empire-Maker’s Circle membership level are committing to a full year of high-level coaching + a seat to both of Robin’s world-class live events that sell out every year: Personal Mastery Academy  and his premiere flagship event, The Titan Summit.

[Value $4,422] 

World-Class Monthly Online Coaching in Robin Sharma Nation

An Extraordinary Membership Program That Will Shatter Your Past Performance Levels And Take Your Mindset, Productivity, Leadership And Results to a Completely New Level of World-Class

I am totally dedicated to helping you make the changes and see the results in the next few months that you’ve never seemed to be able to get in your life.


There are just too many people who could be doing epic things with their lives but aren’t, because no one has ever taught them the insights, habits, practices and ways of being one of the best.


I’ll be direct [with respect] because I care about you, your potential to win and the responsibility we all have to show our gifts to the world…


…if you don’t make some changes now, nothing will change for you.


Every great performer has one thing in common: they have a coach. [Because you just can’t raise your game + your impact significantly alone].


So I’m with you. I really do have your back. I fully want you to fly in the upcoming months..


For weeks, people have been asking when I’ll be opening doors to my new membership program Robin Sharma Nation, the life-changing program that will allow me to coach you each month on the advanced success formulas I’ve shared with the billionaires, CEOs + Titans I’ve advised.


With me as your mentor, Robin Sharma Nation will be a super-valuable platform for you to:

elevate the calibre of your work

multiply your health beautifully

serve your customers vividly

unchain your potential

exemplify strength, honor and decency

install the skills of the titans

forgive those yet unforgiven

get lofty ambitions done

Let me go a little bit deeper on the 3 elements of Robin Sharma Nation

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Robin Sharma Nation Today


Customized Learning Content

With a focus on your lifestyle, I will mentor you in the areas you most need guidance in, in order to achieve success in your life and become a TITAN of your industry.

Depending on the membership level you choose and the results of your RSN Assessment™  you will receive video lessons where I will teach how to use your brain and your body to generate results like only Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Edison, Einstein and the best of the best have been able to generate.


Community Features

If you look at the research on the influence of people around you, here is what you’ll find: you become your conversations.

If you are around victims you will start thinking and producing like a victim. If you are around other people who love to grow, who love to execute versus just talk, who are really interested in bulletproofing their mindsets, their heartsets, their healthsets and their soulsets, then you will build great a business, a great career, great relationships and a great life.

We have worked to develop an invaluable community tool so you get to be a part of the Robin Sharma Nation family, receiving encouragement from others who are just like you each and every day. 


Tracking Tool

My scheduling, routines and frameworks have become famous all around the world, but I’ve heard a lot of people saying: Robin we don’t want results just for a short period of time. We want results every single day for the rest of our lives. We want tracking so we see where we are with our mindset and productivity with The Habit Installation Protocol

I listened, and we’ve developed a world-class Tracking Tool that will allow you to schedule not just a week, month, or year
but will allow you [with just one click] to install any of my frameworks [like The Total Bubble of Tight Focus and The 5AM Club…] to your calendar so you easily schedule your beautiful new life. 

Read what others have to say about Robin Sharma’s life-changing programs and courses:

I have gotten x100 back my investment. I am full of ideas that I’m going to go back and execute on and take my life and my business to the next level.

Carl-Johan Collet


Spend the money. It’s worth absolutely every cent. My life has changed x10.

Leah Jay

I’m inspired to do great things for my people and great things for my community. 

Shelly Butler


I have transformed my self from the inside out. I have become world-class in my own right and continue to aim and reach for my excellence. I listen to your material weekly, I seek your content wherever and whenever possible.

Kyle Morgan


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As always I’ll be very honest with you. People pay tens of thousands of dollars to get into my live events [Regular tuition fee for The Titan Summit is $40,000]. My 1-on-1 coaching starts at $150,000.


Robin Sharma Nation is a very special (and extremely rare) opportunity to get mentoring from me for a fraction of the cost. But it ends soon. Wait and you’ll be too late


If you are really ready to master your mind, x100 your confidence and live the rest of your life at the highest level of happiness, prosperity and influence, definitely take advantage of this offer as we are about to close registration.

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