I rarely share my backstory…
I just don’t feel comfortable talking about myself.

But I wanted to share a little about my journey. Because it may inspire you. To kickstart your highest ambitions. And fuel your greatest dreams.

Please understand I’m just like you. Full of dreams, talents as well as fears and flaws.


I want you to know that I’m no smarter, gifted or fortunate than you.


Everything that I’ve achieved–from the global impact my work is having to the international business I started from a spare bedroom when I was still a lawyer to the personal life I am blessed to live–has come from learning a specific series of insights, behaviors and steps that too many people don’t know…a formula of sorts.


And once you learn this Extreme Achievement Formula, everything changes…Everything.

Regular Tuition: $4,995

Today only $2,997 USD

Any form of success is not the result of luck or natural talent. Instead, it’s all about strategy and tactics…discover what the best performers do, start doing what they do and you’ll start seeing the rare-air results that they get.


On the other hand, continue to think and perform as you always have, and you’ll get the same results this year as last year. [Why live the same year 80 times and call it a life?]


So, back to my personal story (which may be a lot like yours):

  • I come from exceptionally humble beginnings
  • raised by great parents
  • never felt I fit in
  • often filled with self doubt
  • in my teens worked as a milkman ($4 / hr)
  • went to university (not quite sure of what to do)
  • received 2 law degrees including a Masters
  • became a lawyer at a big firm
  • became successful but felt alone and empty
  • woke up every morning chronically frustrated

But then I started making some new decisions. And once I started making new choices, I began to experience all – new results…

  • started investing in personal development (game changer)
  • began to associate with completely different people
  • enlisted a group of amazing mentors
  • transformed my thinking and then my life
  • self-published a book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to share how I did it
  • it went #1 around the world (5 million+ sold)
  • started writing more books on achievement
  • raised 2 amazing children
  • clients like Starbucks, GE, IBM and Nike called
  • started traveling the planet teaching
  • NBA players to rock stars shared my work
  • became a part-time ski instructor
  • now regularly meet with heads of state and industry titans
  • advise the global business elite
  • built a life I love
  • blessed to serve people daily

I only share this for a singular reason: if I can make so many of my hopes and dreams come true, so can you.


I want you to have a truly awesome life. Because so many of us have given up on our largest dreams. Or, even if we are successful, we feel chronically frustrated that we can’t reach the next level.


I’ve spent 18 years pulling together all I’ve learned from being around the highest achieving people on the planet, and I’ve put it into a simple yet life changing formula.


You ARE smart enough, strong enough and talented enough to get where you want to be. You just need to expose your mind to the ideas, processes and protocols that will turn your highest ideals into your daily reality. Remember, run the right formula and you’ll get the right results.


It’s a lot like the best meal you’ve ever had at a restaurant. It could take months to figure it out via trial and error. But you can recreate it quickly if the chef shares his special recipe.

Announcing Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF)

I’m amped to share with you that I’ve just opened doors to my brand new online course Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF).


This potent program will teach you the ideas, processes and tactics for elite performance and personal mastery that have taken me 18 years to develop. And it’s now available, not only in English, but with Spanish and Hindi subtitles on the core video modules.


And I need to say that I created it in direct response to all of the requests from thousands of people around the world asking me to offer a more budget-friendly online course that is still first rate in quality and impact.


So I’m offering the LIMITED memberships I’m making available during this launch at a surprisingly low price.

Regular Tuition: $4,995

Today only $2,997 USD

In Extreme Achievement Formula, I’ll walk you through:

  • the daily rituals that the most motivated people in the world use to stay positive and inspired no matter what obstacles they face
  • how to win the war against distraction so you become “a super producer” of work that makes you legendary in your field
  • profound insights that will cause you to break free of what people think of you so you just can’t be stopped in the achievement of your vision
  • 10 cool things you can do within 24 hours to erase any form of “playing victim” from your business and personal life and become a true leader
  • 50+ ideas that will double your productivity within 14 days (I use many of these daily)
  • my famous “Michelangelo Metaphor” and how using it in your daily workflow and home life will shift you from “ongoing complexity” to “noteworthy simplicity”
  • the “10X Value Obsession” concept that has made my clients millions of dollars
  • the 5 easy steps that you absolutely must take to unleash the potential you were born with so you get remarkable goals done swiftly and elegantly
  • how to feel as mentally and physically tough as a Navy Seal during the hardest of conditions
  • 8 habits that the most admired performers in the world are running to get their outcomes (anyone can do these but few know them)
  • great methods to have more energy every day, finally get your work and family life into neat balance and become a lot happier (when you learn how to become an “eternal optimist” your productivity will soar, people will love being around you even more and you’ll start to see opportunities that you missed before)…

This online course will fill up soon. And the special price I’m offering EAF at is just ridiculously great

Extreme Achievement Formula is based on the same live workshop that our clients pay $50,000 for…


AND I’ve added 10 bonus audio programs into the course.


So Extreme Achievement Formula is worth tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.


But when you register today, you get your full membership for Only $377.


And I’ve taken away all risk by putting on my 100% money-back 10 day guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose to try this for 10 days.


Please do not wait to join us (excuses don’t create transformation…action does)…

Regular Tuition: $4,995

Today only $2,997 USD

I’m in this to make a dramatic difference in your achievement levels. And I can help you get some amazing things done in your life so you don’t lose more time.


And as with every online course I offer or live events like The 48 Hour Transformation and The Titan Summit, my devotion is to offer 10X more value than you paid for.

Here’s what just a few of our hundreds of thousands of delighted customers are saying:

So in Extreme Achievement Formula I’ve carefully created an online program that is simply world-class in terms of the value you will receive and the results that you’ll experience as you go through the training.

Regular Tuition: $4,995

Today only $2,977 USD

Here’s What You Get with Extreme Achievement Formula (EAF):

Please note: If you’re looking for an online program that promises “magic pill formulas” and requires no effort, Extreme Achievement Formula is not for you. So save your money.

EAF is for real people who want real tools to create real results so they can have a real impact on their lives and on the world around them.


Ok. Just so you’re super clear on what you’re getting when you make the investment in one of the limited memberships to EAF:


Within minutes of registering, you’ll get immediate access to the entire Extreme Achievement Formula Learning System which contains:

Component #1: The EAF Video Curriculum

You’ll get 24/7/365 access to the 6 module video curriculum for the lifetime of the online membership site.

These 6 modules are based on the same live workshop my clients pay $50,000+ for.


With your membership in Extreme Achievement Formula, you’ll receive personal access to this ultra-exclusive workshop that will walk you through how to rewire your mindset, boost motivation, double productivity, strengthen discipline, develop stamina, grow your influence and accelerate your overall-performance.


Video Module #1: Going From Ordinary Performer To Extreme Achiever

Every day we are in a war against distraction and many of us spend our best hours being busy being busy. In this tactical session, I share how developing a monomaniacal focus on just a few important things can help kickstart amazing growth in your professional and personal life. I also share the importance of leaving the herd and creating your own luck to achieve the goals others dream of.

Video Module #2: Rising To Rare Air Results

Leadership is simple, but it’s not easy. It requires change; and change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. In this session I ask, what will you do to become legendary in your work? To make history with your life? And remind us all to maintain the apprentice mindset and focus on flawless execution to safely navigate the pitfalls of success.

Video Module #3: Extreme Achievement Through Leading Without A Title

This session explores what it means to be a leader. I share a powerful story that demonstrates how small contributions over time are the essence of mastery and how each of us can show leadership and greatness, whatever our title may be.

Video Module #4: Shifting From Being Busy To Achieving Elite Productivity

Many of us have been seduced by the hypnosis of genius, but the truth is that every expert was once a beginner. In this session I share the rituals used by elite performers to minimize distractions, clean out the energy vampires and maintain the bubble of pristine focus that will get them closer to their mountaintop.

Video Module #5: The Pursuit Of Mastery In All You Do

In this insightful session, I explore the science behind achievement and share the simple changes we can all make and tactics we can all utilize to boost our passion, energy and focus.

Video Module #6: Unleashing Your Inner Extreme Achiever

This final session will bring the Extreme Achievement Formula together. I share the importance of staying with our vision, even if the world tries to take us off track. I also remind us all that, ultimately, life is short and none of us should lose sight of what truly matters as we tread the pathway to success.

Component #2: The EAF Audio Curriculum

To stack even more value into Extreme Achievement Formula, I’ve added 10 of my bestselling audio learning programs into the course.


Audio Module #1: How to Be Remarkably Successful

In How To Be Remarkably Successful, I share with you a proven process for success. This isn’t a system based on theory. It’s been tested in the laboratory of life.


The process has worked for hundreds-of-thousands of people who’ve attended my presentations and leadership seminars. It has worked for billionaires, CEO’s and professional sports stars. Entertainers, remarkable entrepreneurs and people from every station of life. They all have been able to move their lives forward with the practical techniques that I’ll share with you.


Audio Module #2: 6 Simple Steps to Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is more than just getting better at your to-do lists. It’s a mindset. A way of looking at your life. Of seeing the big picture first. Then, from that higher point of awareness, you’re able to make the game-changing decisions that you need to make in order to play at your absolute best.


In this program I’ll share some of the most powerful ideas I’ve discovered on arriving at Work-Life balance. Insights and tactics that will lift your professional and personal life to a world-class level.


Audio Module #3: Manage Your Time, Master Your Life

Time management does lead to life mastery. Every day of your life can be a platform to bring you closer to your goals.


Manage Your Time, Master Your Life is a powerful course in managing your most valuable resource – time.


Audio Module #4: The Cure for Fear

We live in uncertain times. People are scared. There are layoffs and changes at work, downswings in the economy, housing and even stock market crashes to cope with. At home we’re worried too. The news on tv is filled with shocking headlines that lead us to believe that fear is running rampant all over the world.


You deserve to feel happy and secure again. You CAN take control of your life. There IS a proven method to manage your fears to be victorious over them.


The Cure For Fear is a complete system to help you transcend fear so you can live your best life.


Audio Module #5: A Simple Formula for Extraordinary Relationships

The true superstars in business and in life know that success comes down to relationships. Learn my revolutionary process for deeper, more meaningful human connections. This proven system will generate extraordinary results in your life.

Audio Module #6: How to Craft a World-Class Life

In How To Craft A World Class Life I’ll walk you through my system for total life success.


Listening to How to Craft a World-Class Life is just like being in a one-on-one session with me. Invest in yourself and get the coaching that will take your career, finances, health and relationships to the next level.


Audio Module #7: Shine in the World

In this revolutionary 6 Part learning system and workbook, I’ll share a powerful system that has inspired and helped thousands of people to create lives rich with fulfillment, passion, purpose and deep inner peace.

Shine In the World is an integrated system for personal mastery. You’ll achieve quantum results in the way you think and feel while attaining the personal and professional success you deserve.


Audio Module #8: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1

Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 1 is a cutting-edge guided meditation program I crafted. You’ll discover methods to slow your mind, have amazing focus and clarity and operate at the highest level possible. Not only professionally but personally as well.

Audio Module #9: Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2

In Meditation for Elite Performers Volume 2 I share three new visualizations that will allow you to experience high-performance days filled with confidence and enthusiasm, help you achieve greater levels of happiness and joy, and guide you through creating your ideal day.

Audio Module #10: The Energy Explosion

In The Energy Explosion I’ve distilled everything that I’ve discovered about how to have more energy into an easy to follow 14 day system. The amount of energy you will bring to your days will astonish you. You will learn: my personal tactics to stay energized, practical tools to boost confidence, happiness and vitality, and big ideas to get your productivity and effectiveness soaring.

Zero-Risk and Fully Guaranteed

And as with all of my online programs, I’ve removed ALL of the risk because we want you to try it.

Extreme Achievement Formula comes with a 100% satisfaction 10-day money-back guarantee: Go through all of the material and if you don’t feel EAF is truly superb value, we’ll return your full payment. No questions asked at all.


So please don’t miss this awesome opportunity. I’m giving you a fantastic online program, offering it at a seriously low price because so many people have asked me to do so (my premium courses cost thousands of dollars) AND taken away all risk.


Wait and you’ll miss out on getting one of the memberships at only $377.

Oh, and just to completely over deliver…

When you invest (this is an investment, not an expense), in a membership to EAF, I’ll also give you:

(JUST ADDED) Live Conference Call #1:

2015 New Year Goal Setting Jump Start Live Call. Meet Robin Sharma LIVE (virtually) on this exclusive coaching call to set up 2015 to be the single greatest year of your life.

Teleseminar #1:

The Insider’s Tactics for Ultra-Success

Teleseminar #2:

The 8 Forms of Wealth (from my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet)

Teleseminar #3:

Interview with ABC’s Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec

Webinar #1:

The Icon’s Decline and the 8 Threats to World-Class

Webinar #2:

The Pyramid of Peak Performance

The Hyper Productivity Sessions:

New video content that will be delivered in the coming weeks

Subtitles in Spanish & Hindi:

For the first time, the 6 core EAF video modules will have subtitles in Spanish and Hindi

Live Group Coaching Call:

Join me on a live coaching call in January 2015

You have nothing to lose. EAF is 100% guaranteed.


So make the choice that will change your life and get one of the limited memberships now only $2,997.


Wishing you all green lights.

Regular Tuition: $4,995

Today only $2,997 USD