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YES! This is my online training course that has taught countless people just like you a step-by-step formula to:

  • Increase your happiness swiftly and noticeably
  • Destroy the top 3 fears that have kept you from your best life
  • 5X your productivity, confidence and passion
  • Rewire the way you think so you enjoy an unbeatable mindset and stay positive [even in the hardest times]
  • Make a quantum leap in your health, wealth and your positive impact on the world

Regular Tuition: $4,997

Today only $777 USD

The results are stunning. I raised my income 40%! I have more time with my two kids and wife. I am in better shape than ever before. I’m building a new house. The best thing is that I’m dreaming bigger. And execute on my vision.

Jacob Marinko

Here’s exactly What You’ll Get

(Just So You See the 10X Value of this Program)

The Robin Sharma Success System is a breakthrough video-based online program to transform how you think + feel + perform + live.


You watch the 21 videos wherever you want. And – you get access to the videos for the entire lifetime of the site.


When you act now and are lucky enough to be one of the people who get one of the limited memberships to the program (we’ll close doors soon), you will immediately receive FULL access to the entire legendary 21 video curriculum.


So you’ll get immediate access to all 21 of the life-changing video modules.


AND you’ll get interactive transcripts to each video.


AND you’ll get instant access to a “Members Only” area where you will connect and mastermind with the other members. (This alone is an amazing opportunity. Imagine talking to and learning with people every day who inspire you. And who ENCOURAGE you. And who share with you. We already have many extremely successful and awesome people in this program from across the planet. Associating with them is so powerful).


VIDEO 1: Introduction to the System and Crafting a World Class Life

I share keys and tactics to help you take your life to the next level of greatness. You’ll discover my 3-step success formula, the secret to genius-level work, and more.

VIDEO 2: The 4 Power Tools

I will discuss the Power of Belief. Growth on the outside must come from growth on the inside. We can change our world by changing our beliefs. You’ll also discover the 4 Power Tools to help you create a stunningly successful life.

VIDEO 3: Revolutionizing Your Interior Life and Unleashing Your Inner Power

We all have natural power within us. As we grow on the inside we cannot help but grow on the outside. In this session I will share ways to build a strong interior life.

VIDEO 4: Relationship Mastery

When you have a world-class family life everything works a lot better. In this session I will share tactics to help you build true human connections.

VIDEO 5: Doing Genius Level Work

Being great at your career is important for your well-being and self-esteem. In this session I will share specific ideas to help you take your career to the next level.

VIDEO 6: How to Think Like a Billionaire

When you have financial excellence in life you can find freedom, peace and create a great life for yourself, your family and make the world a better place. In this session I will examine our beliefs around money and share the 6 Barriers to financial excellence.

VIDEO 7: Building a Circle of Genius

Surrounding yourself with people who are playing at the top of their game has a tremendous influence on your own life. In this session I will share the importance of choosing wisely the people who you surround yourself with.

VIDEO 8: The Solution for a More Adventure Filled Life

A life without passion is dead. In this session of the 21 Day Success Challenge I will share key ideas on creating the joyous lifestyle that you know you deserve to be living.

VIDEO 9: Creating Your Legacy

At the end of your life, as you look back on all that you’ve been through, a resounding question that you will ask yourself will be, “Have I truly made a difference in the world?” In this session I will share ways to have the life that you’re leading be one of influence and impact.

VIDEO 10: The Dream Protocol

There is a field of possibility waiting for you. I will share the 6 steps that the most successful people in business and life use to achieve tremendous success.

VIDEO 11: The Secret of a Perfect Day

What would your perfect day look like? What would it feel like? What needs to happen to feel like today was a perfect day? I will help you answer these questions so that you may begin creating and living days that are perfect.

VIDEO 12: Transforming Problems Into Opportunities

Problems are problems only if you see them as problems. I will share ideas and tactics to help you navigate through the rough waters of life You’ll also discover how to retrain your brain to become a “fortress of positive focus”.

VIDEO 13: Pursuing Your Portfolio of Passions

You don’t want to get to the end of your life and realize that you were never truly in the game. That you missed out on the adventure of life. In this session I will share the importance of developing and pursuing a portfolio of passions.

VIDEO 14: The Art of Personal Leadership and Winning

It’s hard to be a leader at work or at home if you can’t lead yourself. In this session I will share 4 keys to playing at your leadership best.

VIDEO 15: Time Tactics of Elite Performers

We live in the age of dramatic distraction. We’ve become busy being busy. Missing out on the opportunities to create and do work that really matters. In this session I will share actionable tactics to boost your personal productivity, get more done in less time, and get to a place called mastery when it comes down to your time.

VIDEO 16: The 9 Secrets of Happy People

In this I will share game-changing ideas from the latest research on happiness. You’ll discover what the happiest people in the world do to live happy and successful lives. And how you can apply those ideas for yourself.

VIDEO 17: 10 Big Ideas for Real Success

I will share10 big ideas to help you achieve real success in your life. These are game-changing ideas from some of the world’s greatest thinkers to help you play at your absolute best.

VIDEO 18: How to Create Like Michelangelo

In this session I will share key ideas on success. It’s time for you chip away at the non-essential elements of your life so that you may begin living from a place of excellence.

VIDEO 19: The Power of Questions

Questions are unbelievably powerful. Asking yourself the right question at the right time can really unlock your potential. I will lead you through a series of 8 questions that will help you get to the core of success.

VIDEO 20: The 12 Virtues of Remarkable People

We’re all cut from the same cloth. Remarkably successful people just think different thoughts and do different things. In this session I will share the 12 virtues of remarkable people. These ideas will help you take your life to the next level of greatness.

VIDEO 21: Be Extraordinary Now

We all have the chance to live great lives. There is tremendous potential within each and every one of us. In this session I will help you to remember and reconnect with who you truly are – extraordinary.

The results have been dramatic. The energy levels are unprecedented. We did record sales. I would really recommend everyone to follow the ideas you teach.

Arun Biyani

You’ll also get interactive transcripts for every video so you can read all the superb ideas as well.

The Membership Site Is Fully Mobile Responsive And Will Display Beautifully On All Your Devices!

All Audio And Videos Are Compatible With Your Smartphones & Tablets!

Pretty Amazing Value, Isn’t It?

All of this life-changing information has a retail value of OVER $1,000+.

Today only $477 USD

The Robin Sharma Success System is super inspirational, easy to use and is helping thousands of people just like you achieve remarkable results – in the most important areas of their lives.


After I walk you through through the 21 online videos in the program (that my private coaching clients pay $150,000+ to learn) you’ll know the insider strategies and tactics that will shatter your past limits – and quickly create a life you LOVE.You will:

  • Train your brain to banish worry and seize the biggest opportunities that will give you your best results
  • Rewire your thinking to beat your biggest fears + unleash huge confidence + achieve your dreams
  • Rewrite your physical life so you experience superhealth, more energy than you’ve felt in years and world-class inner power
  • Make a quantum leap from days filled with distractions to a winning mindset and way of performing that focuses you only on the things that lead to breakthrough results
  • Learn the 9 secrets of the world’s most remarkable people

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the idea that I would receive 10X the value of what I had invested into the program. How wrong could I be! Robin is generous not only in the materials he provides but his own time and spirit. I have been able to shift my limiting beliefs and feel like the possibilities are endless.

Charmaine Connolly

And There’s Even More (Yes – We Love Our Customers!)

When you act now, I will add these bonus gifts to your membership (valued at $142.75) for FREE:


Lessons for business building from ‘The September Issue’ documentary (30 minute Audio Coaching Session)


Interview with John Assaraf (60 minute Audio Coaching Session)


‘Book Review’, ‘7 Lessons to Build A Great Company’ and ‘The 5 Why’s (35 minute Audio Coaching Session)


Leading Without a Title in Business’, ‘Build a World-Class Organization’ and ‘Elevate Your Game’ (45 minute Audio Coaching Session)


The Mastery Manual eBook. (92 pages of awesome inspiration and strategies for total success)


Daily Thoughts on Greatness eBook. (42 pages to awaken your genius)



Try this life-changing program for 10 Days. If you don’t love it, you’ll get a complete refund. I’ve removed all risk to you. I believe in the course that much. You can’t afford not to try this. So make the decision that will deliver the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember: The Robin Sharma Success System [SuperCharged Edition] comes with my 10 Day 100% money-back guarantee.

So… there is zero risk for you to try this online program.


You have absolutely nothing to lose. And a life of happiness, financial prosperity, peak health and energy, fantastic relationships and a really really positive impact on this world of ours to gain!


So that your user experience in this course is superb, as usual, I am only offering a limited number of memberships to this proven system that has worked for so many people just like you….


If you wait, you’ll be disappointed. Doors will close soon!


So make the choice that will change your life and snap up membership.

Regular Tuition: $4,997

Today only $777 USD

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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Access The Robin Sharma Success System (SuperCharged) Edition?

You will have immediate access to the online training center. All of the program materials will be available to you so you can start learning right away.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Videos?

Your access to the program is a one-time investment, but you will be able to refer to the material for the lifetime of the site.

Can I Watch The Videos On My iPad?

Yes. All of the video and audio content is designed to be streamed online and can be enjoyed on your iPad or other mobile device.

What If I Have More Questions?

We’d love to answer them. You can email: or call 1.416.962.7900 to speak to a real human being (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) This is your moment. Make it matter.