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The Titan Academy is the online program based on Robin’s exclusive annual Summit for only the highest level of world builders and history makers. Each seat costs $40,000. In this powerful online video academy of The Titan Summit, you will learn from astonishing game-changers and revered experts, in action, on exponential productivity, exceptional health + longevity, how great companies do it + how to become legendary.

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Regular Tuition: $40,000

Today only $9,997

When you snap up one of the limited memberships to The Titan Academy, my world-class online course created from the video footage of the famous 4-day live event The Titan Summit, you’ll discover:

  • How uber-successful entrepreneurs build unbeatable teams with Blue Angels jet pilot and leadership superstar John Foley.
  • The way to own your game, rock your industry and scale your brand with celebrity thought leader Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing (this presentation alone is worth the price of the course).
  • Potent insights to become the most fascinating company in your market with top business advisor to FORTUNE 500 firms and bestselling author of the massive bestseller Fascinate, Sally Hogshead.
  • Revolutionary ways to live past 100 and x20 your health and energy with the unforgettable + brilliant Dr. James Rouse.
  • A little-known system explaining how billionaires and elite business-builders think + produce with Alex Charfen, coach to top CEOs.
  • Breakthrough ideas and tactics from the latest science on optimizing your brain, becoming undefeatable in volatile times and winning with the riveting Dr. Greg Wells.
  • Uncommon strategies to leap from average results to epic outcomes with peak business performance guru Dr. Isaiah Hankel.
  • How to balance extreme business success with a beautiful family life with #1 bestselling author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open, Kristine Carlson.
  • How to create a magical mindset with the charismatic founder of the fast-growing clothing company Spiritual Gangster, Ian Lopatin.
  • Game-shifting insights on the neuroscience of happiness with New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome, Neil Pasricha.

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